By: Alison Caporimo, BuzzFeed

“I wanted to find a way to introduce the topic of surrogacy to children and families in a charming and warm-hearted way,” Danziger, creator of illustrated parenting blog Boys in ‘Burbs, says. “Since I couldn’t find any of those stories, I decided to make one myself.”

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By Trevor Martin, Huffington Post

Whatever one thinks of the fracas that erupted between Dolce & Gabbana and Elton John, their very public argument has indeed been the catalyst for spirited online debate regarding same sex parenting and surrogacy. Read more

By: Ben Tufft

Britons are the most likely European citizens to use a foreign surrogate to have a baby, fuelling a global trade where individuals pay up to £85,000 per child, research shows.

Increasing numbers of infertile straight couples and gay men and women are resorting to paying a surrogate in countries across the world to help them have a baby – a practice that is banned in the UK.

Figures show that 271 British couples or individuals have had a baby using a paid surrogate over the last year. The findings will be presented at a conference next week organised by the Families Through Surrogacy (FTS) group, which compiled the data.

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By Matt Rocco

The first question I got from my 3-year-old this weekend:

“Daddy, can I have a baby sister if I take good care of her?”

… and the second question:

“Daddy, why are you crying?”

Like so many – actually, most – of our friends, my wife and I had a helluva time conceiving our daughter. After SEVEN rounds of IVF (An award for my wife, please), we had Viva. And because we’re either incredibly hopeful or love flying too close to the sun, we’ve even gone a couple of luckless rounds with the help of a gestational carrier to try for a second baby. Are we done trying? Ask us at the end of a long day or when we’re plucking out our gray hairs and we’ll say, “Yes.” Ask us when we’re trying to decide if we’re getting rid of the bassinets and the changing table and we’ll say, “Maybe not.”

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 I’m still early in the surrogacy process. I have yet to sign a contract but I have been actively searching for a match with the help of a local agency. Going through the matching process has been fun and awkward and exciting—much like dating. It’s been a while since I was on the dating scene, but I still remember the nerves and the jittery feelings often associated with dating. Ever since I started the matching process I recognize the butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling. Here arejust a few ways that finding a surrogacy match is just like dating:

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Families that wish to have children by utilizing surrogacy agreements are currently prohibited by District Law, but there’s fresh hope thanks to a bill unanimously co-introduced last week by 11 sitting members of the D.C. Council, which seeks to put a legal framework in place. Read more

By Mary Elizabeth Dallas, HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Jan. 6, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Assisted reproductive technology — or fertility treatments — to help conceive a baby is growing safer in the United States and is now a low-risk procedure, according to a new study.

The researchers found the risk of complications was low for both “autologous procedures” — where women use their own eggs — as well as donor-assisted procedures.

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Let couples pay surrogate moms

McLean, Va.: Thank you for bringing attention to an important piece of legislation (“Gay rights advocates fight to lift ban on paying surrogate moms,” Jan. 15). Not only will this bill help gay couples build their families through surrogacy, it will also open this family-building option to all New York couples who are diagnosed with infertility and choose to use a gestational carrier to build their family. Read more


This past year has been a banner year for LGBT people, especially in recognizing the rights of same-sex couples to create and grow their families. But what will 2014 bring? We posed this and other questions to Emily Hecht-McGowan, director of public policy for the Family Equality Council. She previously served as legal director for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and was the assistant section director for the American Bar Association’s Section of Individual Rights and Responsibiliites. She lives in Takoma Park, Md., with her wife and daughter. Read more

Dear Caralyn,

You’re barely a month old now, too young to read this letter. But one day soon, someone will show you this, and maybe it will help you understand the wonderful confluence of love and hope that brought you into this world on Nov. 26, 2013.

It began with your mom, Laura Brammeier Yoho, a beautiful woman with focused brown eyes, long brown hair and a lean, lithe body from a lifetime of work in the gym and near-perfect nutrition. But her heart beat hardest for the loves of her life, you and your dad. Read more