Let couples pay surrogate moms

McLean, Va.: Thank you for bringing attention to an important piece of legislation (“Gay rights advocates fight to lift ban on paying surrogate moms,” Jan. 15). Not only will this bill help gay couples build their families through surrogacy, it will also open this family-building option to all New York couples who are diagnosed with infertility and choose to use a gestational carrier to build their family.

Why would someone with infertility need a gestational carrier to have a baby? Perhaps cancer has taken a woman’s uterus, she has abnormalities of her reproductive organs, or she suffers from another health condition where pregnancy would negatively impact her health and well-being.

Just because she lives in New York State, gestational carrier surrogacy is not open to her and her partner, nor do the current laws provide all the protections necessary for the intended parents, gestational carrier, and most of all, the newborn child. Barbara Collura, President/CEO, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association