Surrogate Mother Dances to ‘Baby Momma’ While in Labor: ‘It Definitely Helped’

By: Inside Edition, Johanna Li

This surrogate mother is dancing her way through labor.

Alexandra Theriault, 25, was in labor for two days straight when she decided to get up — and get moving — to the song “Baby Momma,” by Starrkeisha.

“It was definitely really hard pushing through contractions, but it was fun,” Theriault told “I think it definitely helped. My water actually broke the next day.”

In a video licensed by Caters News, she can even be seen at Sacred Heart Family Birth Place in Sandestin, Florida, getting low to the lyrics, “drop it down, drop it down down low.”

The first-time surrogate mother joked, “I could tell every time I would get lower, I would push him down, so that definitely helped.”

It worked to her advantage since, when Theriault created the video, she was only an inch-and-a-half dilated.

Her doctors said it likely helped her finally give birth to a healthy baby boy the following day, after being in labor for three days.

“That was an amazing gift I could give somebody,” she said about her surrogacy. “Being able to create life to give to a family that truly wanted [a baby] but couldn’t have one, it was amazing.”