Frank and Golden Surrogate, Bridget

The truth behind being a Surrogate. Media’s depiction of Surrogacy is not indicative of what Surrogacy actually is. Two-time Golden Surrogate/Gestational Carrier tells us what Surrogacy is really like. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Bridget shares personal details about her Surrogacy Journeys, In Vitro Fertilization, pregnancy, and what else to expect throughout the process.

Golden Gossip

The costs associated with Surrogacy vary and can accrue unexpectedly. Frank breaks down the cost of a surrogacy journey for Intended Parents. Many potential Intended Parents are unaware of the true costs of Surrogacy. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank explains all of the possible costs of Surrogacy including IVF costs, Reproductive Lawyer fees, Surrogate compensation, agency fees, and more.

Golden Gossip

Surrogacy Journeys are lengthy and involve many steps. The Surrogacy Timeline can be overwhelming for Intended Parents, and therefore professional advice might be required. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and his Executive Assistant, Laura, breakdown the Surrogacy Journey Timeline addressing key milestones such as signing with the right agency, finding the right IVF clinic, matching with a Gestational Carrier, and ultimately, bringing home your baby.