Amy Riley, pregnancy coach and author of “Loving the Pregnant You”, visits the Golden Gossip studio to discuss pregnancy coaching, parenting, and Surrogacy. In this segment of Golden Gossip, Amy offers advice to Surrogates on how to overcome stress and anxiety while pregnant. She also discusses embracing yourself as a parent and how to instill confidence in that role.

By Frank Golden

I often get asked the question, “How did you or how will you tell your children that they were born via Surrogacy?” For me, the answer is easy: I’ve made it a natural part of my children’s lives from day one. My husband, Adam and I have always been open about our Surrogacy Journeys with friends and family; that openness translates into how we’re raising our children as Surro-babies.

Our daughter, Sophia, was about one and a half years old when we began reading her children’s books dedicated to Surrogacy. Two of our favorites are “Sophia’s Broken Crayons” by Crystal Falk and “And Tango Makes Three” by Justin Richardson. These books were helpful in explaining our unique family to Sophia. Our son, Silas, will also be exposed to these books once he’s a bit older. The fact that there are children’s books dedicated to Surrogacy gives me hope that gay families and Surro-families are starting to become more integrated into “the norm.”   Read more