Located in Chicago, Illinois, Golden Surrogacy is the premier resource for third-party reproduction consulting. We assist heterosexual and same-sex couples, as well as individuals in becoming parents through the extraordinary help of a Gestational Surrogate.

 Golden Surrogacy is ranked #1 in the country on for providing consistent service to every client!

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Here is the story of our inspired beginning . . .

In the summer of 2011, Adam & Frank Golden set out to create the family they had always wanted by embarking on their first journey through surrogacy. Concluding several months of surrogate matching, clinic appointments, and taking careful consideration to select the perfect egg donor, they could proceed to that next big step!

By February 2012, Adam & Frank were finally at the clinic for an embryo transfer that would be a forever life changing event. After squirming through a seemingly long and impatient two week waiting period, their Surrogate tested positive! Nine months later, baby Sophia Marie Golden was born and placed into the arms of her two Daddies.

From this heartwarming endeavor, Adam & Frank were invigorated by the idea of helping others to achieve the same success. Golden Surrogacy was established to advocate on behalf of all loving couples and individuals wishing to follow in their footsteps, regardless of: gender, race, religion, infertility, marital status, or sexual orientation.

The mission of Golden Surrogacy is guided by a fundamental philosophy:                                      Everyone deserves a family.