Surrogacy Timeline

Welcome to Golden Surrogacy! Our Founder & Agency Director, Frank Golden was once in your shoes as an Intended Parent. He inspires and leads his team to guide every journey as if it were for family members. Helping his clients become parents through surrogacy is very personal and close to Frank’s heart which certainly shows through his tireless work and dedication. We look forward to having the honor and privilege of assisting you with your very special journey through surrogacy.

Below, Golden has outlined the process by compiling a simple and easy-to-follow Surrogacy Timeline. Our goal is to make your experience as stress-free as possible while you prepare for your new life as a parent.

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  • Getting Started


    1-2 weeks

    Your journey begins by having an initial consultation with our team. At this time you’ll be able to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the timeline, costs, and Golden’s unique process. Once your Intended Parent profile is complete Golden will conduct a detailed orientation meeting. This important step in the process allows you the opportunity to identify additional preferences to create the most ideal scenario for your family building experience.

  • Surrogate Recruiting


    6-8 months avg.

    Surrogate recruiting cycle begins! A custom matching timeline goal is assigned to your journey dependent upon the program you’ve selected, and any additional criteria for consideration. Surrogate candidates are recruited, interviewed, and screened to be your Match.

  • Matching


    1-2 weeks

    After Golden has identified and fully pre-screened a potential Surrogate, your dedicated Care Team will help facilitate a Matching Conference call. Both parties must agree to move forward together and finalize a mutual match. Once official, Golden will notify your fertility clinic and an appointment will be set for the Surrogate to meet your Reproductive Endocrinologist.

  • Screening


    4-8 weeks

    The Reproductive Endocrinologist will examine your Surrogate in-person prior to granting final medical clearance. This appointment usually must be scheduled to coincide with a specific day of her menstrual cycle. Therefore, depending on timing and physician schedule availability it could take 4-8 weeks to complete.


    4-8 weeks

    Once your Surrogate has been given official medical clearance, the legal process may commence. Golden will pair you with the best Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) attorney – licensed in the state where delivery will take place, to represent your interests and to draft the agreement between you and your Surrogate.

  • Embryo Transfer


    15-20 days

    The drafting attorney will send a “letter of legal clearance” to the fertility center upon finalization of the agreement. This provides approval for the medication protocol to begin and a tentative embryo transfer date to be assigned. Your Surrogate will take medications for 15-20 days on average, following 1-2 monitoring appointments, and then your embryo transfer!

  • Pregnancy!


    9 months

    Your dedicated Care Team tracks the pregnancy, and the health of your Surrogate very closely. Golden is in continuous contact with both Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate to ensure a harmonious and pleasant experience throughout the entire journey! Care Team members, are always available via phone, text, or email. During the second trimester, Golden will initiate the process of establishing parental rights with your legal representation. The delivery hospital is also notified of the impending surrogacy delivery, and a tour or conference call is coordinated.