Agency Fee

Gestational Surrogate$25,000
• Gestational Surrogate recruitment, selection, & pre-screening
• Psychological consultation with Surrogate & Surrogate's Partner/Spouse
• Background and criminal check of all parties
• Matching between Surrogate and client
• Review of Surrogate’s insurance policy
• Referral & coordination of medical procedures & screenings with IVF clinic
• Coordination of all travel arrangements
• Referral to experienced attorneys with expertise in reproductive law
• Coordination of birth arrangements with the delivery hospital
• Counseling as needed
• Mediation and coordination of the Surrogacy arrangement
• 24hr support for Surrogate by an experienced Support Specialist
• 24hr support for the intended parents by the Program Director

Golden Guarantee:
• Unlimited Surrogate Re-Match
• No additional case management fees

International Service$10,000Intended Parent(s) which reside outside of the United States will be charged an International fee. This cost is in addition to the regular agency fee.

Screening & Medical

Infectious Disease Panel for Surrogate & Spouse/Partner$600 - $2,500FDA requires infectious disease testing of the Surrogate and her Spouse/Partner (if applicable)
**Costs can vary based on the lab or clinic, and insurance coverage.
Note: Some insurance policies have coverage for infectious disease testing.
Surrogate's Medical Evaluation w/Reproductive Endocrinologist$1,200 - $2,500Consultation and examination of the Surrogate by a Reproductive Endocrinologist
**Costs vary by location and clinic
Note: Some Surrogates have insurance policies that provide coverage for an annual physical which includes pelvic exam, pap smear, and infectious disease testing.
Psychological Consultation$150 per hr
A required one hour consultation with a licensed Psychologist scheduled to determine the suitability of all parties involved.
Note: Some clinics require their own in-person psychological screening. That additional cost would not be included in the agency fee.
Background Check & Address Verification$150 p.p.
County, State, and Federal Criminal Background Check and Sexual Offender Registry Check
Note: Background checks are initiated and completed before matching.
IVF Cycle Fee$15,000 - $40,000
Varies based on Fresh or Frozen Cycle
IVF procedures can vary in cost by state.
**There will be additional costs for subsequent IVF cycles
**There will be additional costs if PGD Testing or Gender Selection is requested.
Surrogate & Egg Donor Medications$800 - $6,000**Cost varies by pharmacy


Surrogacy Contracts & Review $3,000 - $7,500Cost is paid directly to attorney. Does not include Post Birth order or parentage. We will refer you to Attorneys who specialize in Reproductive law. Legal fees vary by location and attorney and are subject to change.
Surrogate Legal Representation$500 - $1,750Review and negotiate Surrogacy Agreement with Surrogate and Surrogate's Spouse. Includes Associate Attorney only.
Parental Establishment and Court Pleadings,
Pre-Birth Order
$2,900 - $7,500Draft, review, obtain signatures, and file legal pleading papers with the Court for valdation or establishment of Parental rights post-birth. Arrangements for court appearances or default judgments will be made when required.
Surrogate Pleadings Representation$500 - $1,500Review legal pleadings with Surrogate in connection with the establishment of the Intended Parent's parental rights. File all documents with the court. Legal fees vary by location and attorney and are subject to change.
Egg Donor Contracts & Review$850 - $1,200Attorney's costs can be higher than quoted rates depending on the circumstance.


Review & Analysis of Surrogate's Health Insurance policy$200 - INCLUDED IN RETAINER FEEInsurance policies are rapidly changing. We will examine your Surrogate's policy to assess the benefits and exclusions, then we provide a detailed report and recommendation.
Surrogate's Health Insurance$400 - $900/mo
If needed.
If the Surrogate's existing policy contains surrogacy exclusions or if she does not have a health insurance policy, the Intended Parents must purchase supplemental insurance coverage for the Surrogate. The cost listed is an estimate for the monthly premiums. The insurance needs to maintain in place until 3 months after delivery. The Intended Parent(s) are responsible for paying all deductibles, co-pays, and/or other uncovered/misc expenses beginning at the initial medical screening of the Surrogate through 3 months postpartum.
Life Insurance$250 - $600/yearPurchase of a $250,000 term life insurance policy for the Surrogate in the event of an accidental death.
Disability Insurance$800 - $1200/policy
If available through employer
Purchasing a disability policy could greatly decrease the many costs which could accumulate should your Surrogate be placed on bed rest.
Health Insurance for
the Child(ren)
Cost varies based on number of children needing coverage. For international clients cost can be $20,000+Intended Parents can procure a health insurance policy for their child(ren) should their own insurance not go into effect at birth. Intended Parents may also pay out-of-pocket for their children(s) medical related needs should they choose to do so.

Note: Once born, the child(ren) will not be covered under the Surrogate's health insurance policy.

Gestational Surrogate Compensation

Inexperienced w/o Insurance

Experienced w/Insurance
$28,000-$30,000 base

$30,000-$35,000+ base
Paid to the Surrogate in 10 equal payments throughout the pregnancy, which begins at confirmation of pregnancy via heartbeat by ultrasound.

Surrogates deciding to match with International Clients are eligible to receive a premium compensation rate. Surrogates without an insurance policy or an insurance policy with exclusion will often receive lower compensation.
Monthly Stipend$200 - $300/mo Varies by Surrogate request

$250/ International IPs

This monthly allowance is In lieu of itemized reimbursements, and covers: mileage of less than 100 miles (round trip), childcare for local appointments, co-pays, prenatal vitamins, and at-home pregnancy testing supplies.

Note: Begins the first of the month post contract signing, continuing up to and including one month post birth or at the termination of the Surrogacy Agreement.
Maternity Clothing Allowance$800 singleton

$1,000 multiples
Payment made at 13 weeks gestation.
Embryo Transfer Fee$500/TransferPaid to the Surrogate following each embryo transfer. Additional expenses are also eligible for reimbursement, which includes child care and lost wages.

Note: Expense reimbursement for a long distance transfer will also include the airfare, transportation to and from the airport, meal allowance, mileage, and hotel accommodations.
Psychological Counseling$250 - $1,000At an average cost of $150 per session.

Monthly sessions with a psychologist are not required unless requested or recommended. This will be determined on an individual basis.
Birth Documents$500 - $1,500These documents Instruct the Hospital that the Intended Parents are considered legal guardians of the child(ren) being born, and to authorize the Intended Parents to make all medical decisions regarding the child(ren), prior to and after birth. These documents are drafted at the beginning of the trimester by an attorney.

Egg Donor Compensation

Inexperienced Donor

Experienced Donor

The compensation for Egg Donors is based on a mix of experience, education, demand, prior success, or genetic background.

Any expenses and/or legal fees related to the Egg Donor's participation with Golden Surrogacy will be paid for by the Intended Parents.

Reimbursed expenses for our Egg Donors may include the following:

•Mileage to and from doctors/lab appointments
•Childcare for doctors/lab appointments
•Lost wages
•Hotel accommodations
•Meal allowance for out of town travel for Egg Donor and one travel companion


Surrogate Lost Wages$0 - $35,000

This Depends on the Surrogate's hourly wage
Lost wages are determined by the actual after-tax earnings. This amount is usually capped at 90 days of the Surrogate's lost wages. However, your surrogate could request additional compensation reimbursement.Lost wages are paid for transfers, time off work for prenatal checkups, doctor ordered bed rest, or for work restriction.
Lost Wages for Spouse/Partner$0 - $3,000

Depends on hourly wage
Lost wages for Surrogate's spouse/partner are eligible for reimbursement should they need time off work to attend medical evaluations, embryo transfers, invasive procedures, legal filings, emergencies, and the birth. **All earnings are verified by monitoring recent paystubs
Meal Allowance$50/day

$25/day companion
This is paid when more than a half day of travel is necessary to fulfill travel obligations under the contract. (traveling to medical appointments, etc.)
Travel Expenses$2,000-$5000This expense accounts for possible fees associated with travel, to include: airfare, parking, hotel accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport.
Local Travel$.56/mile

or current IRS guidelines
This paid only if the Surrogate or Egg Donor is required to travel by car to OB appointments, clinic visits, monitoring appointments, etc. Mileage is reimbursed only after the first 100 miles round trip of travel.
Bed Rest Compensation$250/week
$6,000 Cap
or per Surrogacy Agreement
This is paid only if the Surrogate is put on medically authorized bedrest, ordered by the doctor, during pregnancy. This fee would also cover housekeeping and childcare.
Child Care$200-750/Week

Depending on number of children & surrogate agreement
This is paid only should the Surrogate need childcare to fulfill a contractual obligation. Child Care is reimbursed only for non usual days/hours. Childcare fees are not reimbursed for regular OB appointments after pregnancy is achieved. The average cost for childcare is $12 per hour. You would be required to pay the costs of the childcare, up to the cap as outlined in the surrogacy contract. (usually $6,000) Receipts are required by the Surrogate for verification.
Multiple Fee$5,000/ChildThis fee is paid for carrying each additional child beyond the first one. The listed fee is paid evenly throughout the pregnancy.
C-Section$2,500 first

$1,500 subsequent
This is paid to compensate for pain, suffering, and any added risks associated with the procedure. **Please Note: Experienced Surrogates could request a higher fee.

Rare Circumstances

Loss of Reproductive Organs$1,000 for fallopian tubes

$5,000 for uterus or hysterectomy
This is paid to compensate for any loss of or loss of function to the fallopian tubes, uterus, and/or including a full hysterectomy.
Amniocentesis$1000 first insertion, $500 subsequentTo compensate for any discomfort or pain during the amniocentesis procedure.
Invasive Procedure$500To compensate for invasive procedures which include: HSG, Mock Cycle, Mock Transfer, or Cerclage. This may also be paid for cycle cancellation not due to medical reasons.
Dilation & Curettage, Selective Reduction, or Termination$1,500 per procedureThis is paid to compensate for pain, suffering, and added risks associated with these procedures. Please Note: If a reduction or termination is requested to commence beyond 15 weeks of Pregnancy, The compensation will increase to $5,000.

Please Note: The fees listed above are the most realistic estimates we can provide based on industry averages. These estimates do not include every expense associated with your surrogacy journey. Actual costs may be higher or lower depending on several different factors unique to your situation. The average gestational surrogacy is between $100,000-$130,000. However, due to insufficient insurance coverage, multiple transfers, multiple births, complicated legal issues, or unforeseen circumstances, the total could increase in upwards of $150,000 and beyond.

At Golden Surrogacy we work diligently to mitigate these expenses and save you money in every possible area!


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