Golden surrogacy reviews… Written by real people…

Below is a snapshot of recently submitted feedback by Intended Parents, Surrogates, Attorneys, IVF Clinics, and other Industry Professionals.

I had a matching call within days of filling out my application and knew this was the agency I wanted to work with. Within three months, I was matched with an incredible couple that I feel has become family in the time that I have known them. We have frequently discussed how lucky we are to have met one another and it was all because of Golden Surrogacy.
— Crystal
I wanted to tell you that I am so thankful for everything you and your team have done for me throughout this experience
— Jessica
I would like to say how overflowing my heart is right now. The experience was absolutely life changing.
— Katie
I had the most rewarding and blessed journey and I owe it all to them!
— Katrina
I couldn’t imagine working with any other agency, I can’t say enough good things about Golden Surrogacy.
— Surrogate
I delivered healthy twins this past April; Frank and Adam were right there as soon as I got out of the OR and even sent flowers the next morning. I love the intimacy of a smaller agency. It truly is like a family. I am already planning my next journey with Golden Surrogacy! I wouldn’t want anyone else to guide me through the adventure!
— Surrogate
I have now had the pleasure of working with Golden Surrogacy on a number of surrogacy journeys. Frank and Adam’s knowledge of what it takes to coordinate and manage a surrogacy journey is exceptional. In addition, their diligent work effort in tending to all of their clients’ needs is only surpassed by their kindness and compassion for the Intended Parents in need of their assistance.
— Dominic A. Farole, Esq.
After researching many agencies, I felt an instant connection to Golden Surrogacy. They have always made me feel safe and are very trustworthy. With other agencies, I felt like I was just a number to them. At Golden, it feels like a family because everyone is so personable”
— Surrogate
Golden Surrogacy’s approach has made our experience as streamlined as such a process can be, while giving us the space and time to make our decisions independently. In short, we could not have asked for a better partner in this journey to parenthood, and we highly recommend them to anyone embarking on the same path.
— Intended Parents
We work with a number of agencies and must say that you have been great to work with on this journey…always being prompt in answering emails/calls, locating monitoring clinics for the carrier, obtaining medical records, or whatever documents that I needed along the way. I appreciate your thorough communication and willingness to make this work for both IPs and GCs.
— Monique R. Mansfield, RNC
As a first time surrogate I had lots of questions about the process and how things worked. Frank answered all my questions and always returned calls, emails, and texts promptly. I was quickly matched with a great family that was a fit for me. I delivered a healthy baby girl in December 2016.
— K. Rockford, IL Surrogate
Not quite a year after my matching process and I’m quickly nearing delivery of my first surrogate baby. The entire staff at Golden Surrogacy has helped make this the most positive, joyful experience I could’ve ever imagined.
— Surrogate
Being a first time surrogate and not knowing any surrogates before, I did not know anything about the process. You ‘held my hand’ from the first phone call I had through the recovery of the delivery. There was not a moment during the process that I felt confused or concerned.
— Surrogate
We have found Golden Surrogacy to be a great agency and our clients who have used their services have found them to be professional, respectful, approachable, and most importantly knowledgeable in the complex systems that merge when Intended Parents start the surrogacy processes. We have been impressed with their willingness to really “work” with the Intended Parents as well as with their ability to recruit good, healthy, and stable candidates for gestational surrogacy.
— Anne N. Cheever, MSW, LCSW
When we started working with your agency, we had already unsuccessfully worked with another agency that could not deliver on its promises. We had been through so many disappointments that we were beginning to reach the end of our rope. That is until we began our relationship with Golden Surrogacy. From the very beginning, Frank provided us with a great surrogate that passed out clinic’s very strict medical clearance criteria, and in no time, we began our journey.
— Intended Parents
Frank was incredible. He was empathetic and understanding and worked quickly with us to keep us on track with our journey.
— Intended Parents
It is a privilege to work with Golden Surrogacy. I am confident that our patients going to this agency will be provided with exceptional service. Our initial two cases went smoothly and effortlessly which gave us a lasting impression on their commitment and dedication! Frank is personable and compassionate, yet professional and delivers respectful care while working in partnership with our patients.
— Gladdys D. Caspellan, RN
The organization and work ethic with which Golden Surrogacy approaches each reproductive arrangement sets the agency apart, reflected in the timely and detailed communications (phone, email, etc.) initiated by the agency to ensure each arrangement is handled properly.
— Julie M. Tavoso, Esq.
The gestational surrogates that work through Golden Surrogacy are by far some of the most conscientious and compassionate surrogates whom I have encountered in my experience as an attorney practicing in third-party assisted reproduction.
— Elizabeth Swire Falker, Esq.
We selected Golden Surrogacy because we felt we wanted the more personalized attention that a smaller agency could give us. Frank, Adam and the whole team lived up to, and even exceeded our expectations. They were extremely helpful, supportive, and responsive to us as intended parents, as well as to our surrogate, which was important to us. We’re delighted that we chose them to help us with the surrogacy journey as wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.
Frank and Adam were always timely, courteous, and detailed, and when necessary, entirely impartial. They anticipated not only every single logistical detail in the process, but also the emotional complexity of each decision. And they were always available whenever we had questions. We couldn’t have asked for a better and trustworthy guidance in this journey!
My experience with Golden Surrogacy was fabulous from the very first phone call. Mr. Golden spoke with me personally for the initial interview. I was so touched that the founder of the company spoke to me. Everyone was wonderful to work with. Throughout the process I needed varying degrees of “hand holding.” Sometimes I was very needy and other times I needed some space. Everyone I worked with was able to pick up on my needs and responded accordingly. I truly loved my experience with Golden.