Differences That Matter

Ethical • Quality • Support

Golden Surrogacy facilitates one of the most comprehensive family building programs in the industry! Founded by former Intended Parents, we understand how crucial it is to have the best possible team advocating on your behalf, recruiting the absolute healthiest surrogates, and providing world-class journey support and case management.

Premium Services Included

  • Complex Surrogate Screening
  • Surrogate Psychological Assessment
  • Surrogate Social Worker Home-Visit
  • Surrogate Travel Coordination
  • Local Monitoring Setup & Coordination
  • ArtRisk Insurance Analysis

Complex Surrogate Screening

  • Application & Interview
  • Criminal Investigative Check
  • Medical Records Review
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Physician Exam & Lab Testing
  • Social Worker Home-Visit
  • Delivery Hospital NICU Verification

Surrogate Screening Guarantee

If your Surrogate does not pass the in-person medical screening with the fertility clinic, Golden will pay for those associated costs and recruit a new Surrogate free of charge.

  • Surrogate travel costs credited
  • Clinic screening costs credited

No Conflicts of Interest

  • 3rd Party Escrow
  • Independent Legal Counsel
  • No referral kick-backs
  • Not owned by a doctor or attorney

Independent Attorney

  • Not affiliated with Golden
  • State Licensed
  • Separate attorney for all parties
  • Specializing in Reproductive Law

3rd Party

  • Independent
  • Third-Party
  • Bonded & Insured
  • CPA & Attorney Managed