Nope! You do not have to live in Illinois to be a Surrogate with our Agency. You can live in any of the Surrogate Friendly states from which we recruit. If you are unsure about whether your state is good for Surrogacy, please email to check.

After a successful match with Intended Parent(s) you will be flown to the location of their clinic for your screening. All expenses are paid by the Intended Parent(s). You do not have to live in the same state as the Intended Parents or their clinic. As your Agency, we will coordinate all travel and appointments to make your journey as stress-free as possible.

Yes! In Gestational Surrogacy your fallopian tubes are not needed. You will be impregnated by having an embryo transferred directly into your uterus.

Nope! We are not in the business of providing tax advice. We do not issue 1099 forms or require that you pay taxes on your compensation. What you do with your compensation is solely your responsibility.

For tax advice you should contact a licensed Certified Public Accountant who specializes in tax filings.

In a gestational surrogacy arrangement, Intended Parents create embryos through in vitro fertilization, using their own genetic material or eggs from a donor. One or more of the embryos is then implanted into the Gestational Surrogate, (or also referred to as the gestational carrier) who then carries the child or children to full term, but has no genetic relationship to them.

By contrast, a Traditional Surrogate is impregnated through artificial insemination, utilizing her own eggs, thus giving the surrogate a genetic connection to the child(ren) they are carrying for the Intended Parents.

Here at Golden we only recruit Gestational Surrogates and manage Gestational Surrogacy arrangements.

Here at Golden we treat the matching process with the high level of importance that it deserves. Your desired communication goals will be at the forefront of our conversation prior to the matching phase.

However, the outcome can vary greatly depending on the chemistry between everyone involved. It is imperative that Intended Parents and Surrogates discuss this topic and mutually decide upon an acceptable level of interaction that is agreeably suitable prior to the signing of legal contracts.

Golden Surrogates receive a generous compensation and benefit package totaling a minimum $70,000 cash value. To learn more checkout the details here: Surrogate Compensation

Yes! Our Surrogates are allowed to work with their regular OB after they have been released from the IVF clinic’s care. However, in rare instances some Intended Parents may request an alternate OB based on location, hospital facilities & quality of care, or for legal purposes having to do with establishing parental rights. Again, in most cases this is not an issue and you will be allowed to maintain your own OB.

The actual process of being matched can take place in a few hours, a few weeks or sometimes longer. This depends on how fast and timely you are with signing and returning the agency forms back to us. After you complete our online profile we will ask that you sign our agency agreement, background check form, insurance verification form, and medical release waivers. Only then can we begin to request your medical records for review. It can take anywhere from 30-90 days for your medical providers to get your records to us after we’ve submitted a request. This will vary based on location and length of pregnancy history. After your records have been reviewed and we determine that you are eligible, we can begin the matching phase.

The average match is generally completed in 30-60 days, as we like to take our time and thoroughly find the best placement that will result in the highest chance for success and happiness. The Surrogate and Intended Parent relationship can vary widely. Our best efforts are made to create a seamless and cohesive match which results in chemistry and positivity throughout the journey.

Surrogates and their spouse/partner (if applicable) normally take a range of tests, based on the requirements of the clinic and some FDA requirements. Initially, the Surrogate and her spouse/partner (if applicable) will undergo a battery of infectious disease testing as well as testing for Nicotine and illegal drug use. The Intended Parents can also request that the Surrogate is tested for Nicotine or illegal drug use at anytime throughout the pregnancy.

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