At Golden Surrogacy we believe Everyone Deserves a Family and should have the opportunity to become a parent of their own biological child regardless of gender, race, religion, infertility, marital status or sexual orientation.

Please review our requirements for all Intended Parents below:

  • Maximum combined age of 110 (couples), or 54 (single individuals)
  • Financially Secure
  • Be in a stable living arrangement
  • Have the support of your spouse/partner or close friends and family
  • Respectful attitude toward the Surrogate and of her commitment
  • Be willing and prepared to have open and honest conversations
  • Have a general understanding of the Gestational Surrogacy process
  • Complete all paperwork in full and in a timely manner
  • Be willing to undergo a Psychological Assessment
  • No Criminal history
  • Be excited and enthusiastic!

Thank you for carefully considering our requirements. We wish you all the best as you embark on a path to become parents through the wonders of surrogacy!

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