Golden Surrogacy believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent of their own biological child regardless of gender, race, religion, infertility, marital status or sexual orientation.

Please review our requirements for all Intended Parents below:

  • Maximum combined age of 110 (couples), or 55 (single individuals)
  • Financially Secure
  • Be in a stable living arrangement
  • Have the support of your spouse/partner (when applicable) or close friends and family
  • Respectful attitude toward the Surrogate and of her time and commitment
  • Be willing and prepared to have open and honest conversations
  • Have a general understanding of the Gestational Surrogacy process
  • Complete all paperwork in full and in a timely manner
  • Be willing to undergo a Psychological Assessment
  • No Criminal history
  • Be excited and enthusiastic! This process will be one of the most meaningful events in your life.

Thank you for carefully considering our requirements. We wish you all the best as you embark on a path to become parents through the wonders of surrogacy!