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This is the standard compensation structure for all Golden Surrogates. We do recognize that compensation is a personal choice. Therefore, our Surrogates may negotiate and set their own amounts upon request.

  • 1st time Surrogates
  • Regardless of State
  • Regardless of Insurance
  • Regardless of Employment
  • No 1099 Issued!
  • Experienced Surrogates +$5k
  • $500 Matching Bonus
  • $500/mo (x 14mo)
  • $1,500 Clothing Allowance
  • $1,500 Med Start Fee
  • $1,500 Embryo Transfer Fee
  • $8,000 Milestone Bonus
    (legal completion & 1st transfer)
  • Base Comp + Standard Benefits

Many agencies falsely advertise a high compensation amount which includes base comp + every catastrophic incidental fee, such as having a c-section or loss of uterus.