IVF Clinic Referrals

February 15, 2017 by Frank Golden

close-up of the IVF process.

At Golden Surrogacy, we work with only the best IVF clinics in each region. There are key elements we strongly consider before making a referral. When our clients come to us asking which IVF clinic they should use, we try to guide them towards the best option for their specific journey and requirements.

One main factor we determine prior to a referral would be, who is the lead RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)? We prefer to work with clinics whose lead fertility specialist is known in the surrogacy community for having great statistics, service, and support. Although, the statistical information is taken with a grain of salt, often times success can rest heavily on the quality of genetic material used to create the embryo. We place more value on how each doctor takes care of their patients. During this exciting, yet nerve-racking life experience it is vitally important that the medical team demonstrate a sense of genuine compassion and warmth.

We also evaluate the nursing and clinical staff. They are a critical component to the success of an IVF clinic’s case management flow. As an agency, we work directly with the nurse coordinators regarding surrogate pre-approval, medication calendar, and travel arrangements for the Surrogate and Intended Parents. It is vital that the staff is organized, timely, and responsive. It helps make our service seamless when they are on top of their game.

That being said, we are not beholden to any specific clinic that meets these guidelines. While other agencies may only have 1-2 primary fertility clinics they refer Intended Parents to, we provide multiple options to our clients so they can choose the best clinic for their needs. While a list of names are given, we encourage our clients to call, e-mail, and set up consultations. It is recommended that Intended Parents select a doctor and clinic they feel most comfortable with.

Furthermore, we include some questions with our referral list so that our clients have an idea of what they should be asking. Some of these questions include: What is the cost breakdown? What packages are offered? What’s covered in the package? Does it include Surrogate and Egg Donor medication? Is PGS testing included, if not, how much additional? How many embryo transfers are included? These are just a few of the questions every patient should ask the clinic when inquiring for more information.

Golden Surrogacy has an excellent network of clinics, which allows our referrals to be regionally focused. Intended Parents living in New York would never be referred to a clinic in California, especially when we have some really great east coast options. We try to be cost conscious of every journey, while also taking into consideration the physical and mental toll created by excess travel to a fertility clinic multiple times. If travel and budget are not concerns, we’re more than happy to provide our more comprehensive nationwide list.

We place a great deal of trust and confidence in every Reproductive Endocrinologist and IVF clinic included in our referral network. There are many wonderful physicians out there, and Golden Surrogacy helps all our clients select the best one for them.