My Surrogacy Story

March 15, 2023 by Frank Golden

Hello! My name is Frank Golden. Maybe you already knew that, maybe this is our first introduction. Whether you know me personally or do not know me at all, I think it is time I properly introduce myself. This way you can get a better idea of the face behind this agency and help you see why Golden is the best choice for your family-building endeavors.

I am Frank Golden, and while I love a good game of two truths and a lie, I think I have a story that will give you a better idea of who I am. I am going to tell you about my surrogacy journey, the birth of my daughter, and the inspired beginnings of my agency. This story starts in the year 2010. That was the year my husband, Adam, and I began researching surrogacy. While we were not yet married, we knew that down the road we were going to want children of our own. Having a biological connection to our future children was important to us. So, in 2010, we entered the world of surrogacy and never went back.

Adam and I knew that surrogacy could potentially take an unlimited number of months or even years. This is why we decided if having biological children through gestational surrogacy was something we were going to do, it made sense to start that journey early. Following that step, our plans started to fall into place. We got married in 2011, and in the early month of 2012 we found ourselves at the fertility center attending an embryo transfer. That embryo transfer forever changed our lives. Only two weeks later, our Surrogate was confirmed pregnant! Nine months later, our daughter Sophia was born and placed into the loving arms of her two dads. It was this experience that led us to build our own company. Having been through a successful surrogacy journey, it was Adam who told me, “You know, you could do this. You could start an agency yourself.”

Close up of an embryo before being transferred.

Baby Sophia as an embryo before transfer.

Maybe it was our heartwarming endeavor or maybe it was my drive and energy, but I felt inspired by what Adam said and decided I would do it. I would start my own surrogacy agency. In 2013, just one year after Sophia was born, we started the company. I hit the ground running. It was also during this time that Adam and I prepared to start our second surrogacy journey. I recruited Surrogates for our own journey and got my feet wet with the agency side of the experience. I quickly realized that Adam was right! I had a knack for running an agency. The surrogacy experience we had was the ignition and fuel for this newfound passion.

Two dads smile while they hold their son at a hospital.

Adam and Frank holding baby Silas at the hospital.

After the first two years of managing the agency by myself, I knew it was time for Adam to join. Before becoming Golden’s unofficial “guru,” Adam worked in the IT sector. I always say that if you do not know how to do something, Adam probably knows the answer. I knew that he was needed at Golden. Today, he directs all operations, infrastructure, accounting, payroll, and HR. He is an integral part of this company. So not only did Adam inspire me and tell me I could do this, but now he has made himself a vital part and we couldn’t run the company without him. Today we are together at the helm. Both Adam and I are full-time and actively oversee all the journeys that take place.

Husbands smiling at each other in matching grey sweaters on a bridge over the river in downtown Chicago.

Frank (left) and Adam (right).

I will always remember sitting in the delivery room after Sophia was born. I held her in my arms, and I thought to myself, “Everyone deserves to experience this. Everyone deserves a family.” If you know Golden at all, you probably know that “Everyone Deserves a Family” is our slogan. In future blogs I will go into the story of creating that slogan and what it means to me. The moment where I held my daughter, my first child, after working hard to make it happen with Adam, was very special to me and will always be near and dear to my heart. I knew that I could do good in the surrogacy industry and bring something no other agency could. One thing missing was the heart in the service aspect of managing journeys. Through my experiences, I found that when dealing with attorneys, reproductive endocrinologists, and other service providers, it can feel cold and sterile.

Father hold newborn son and feeds him a bottle.

Frank giving baby Silas a bottle.

I wanted to bring what was missing: warmth. Golden brings this warmth to the surrogacy industry by being compassionate and understanding. We are able to do this because we were once Intended Parents. We have experienced being on the other side of the table and understand more than most how to truly care for clients. That is the embodiment of Golden Surrogacy and the passion and inspiration that led us to start the company. Both Adam and I are hands-on owners. The two of us, as well as the rest of the team here at Golden, are passionately committed to the work we do. I am so happy to have made this shift in my life to create this company. We have done so much good and have created so many families.

This year, 2023, marks 10 years of Golden. Now, with a decade of experience under our belt, I am confident that the best is ahead of us. We truly are only getting started and I am excited to see what the future holds. Stay tuned and keep your eye on Golden. We are here to create so many more families and enhance the surrogacy industry at large.

Two men stand in front of the Chicago skyline. They are smiling and wearing matching grey sweaters.

Adam (left) and Frank (right).