Baltimore, Maryland Surrogacy Agency


Baltimore, Maryland Surrogacy Agency

Golden Surrogacy works with Surrogate Mothers in Baltimore, Columbia, Silver Spring, Rockville & many other communities throughout Maryland.

Golden Surrogacy is owned and operated by married same-sex couple Adam & Frank Golden. Inspired by the success of their own journey through surrogacy they established the agency to advocate on behalf of other loving couples and individuals wishing to following in their footsteps.

Together, Adam & Frank have gathered a remarkable team of experts comprised of veteran surrogates, egg donors, attorneys, and psychologists who have over 40yrs combined knowledge in the world of third party reproduction. That team is passionately committed to delivering authentic and trustworthy service by maintaining meaningful relationships. As such, Golden Surrogacy is a Better Business Bureau accredited agency and also a proud member of Resolve (The National Infertility Association) and the American Fertility Association (Path2Parenthood).

Our Program Director, Frank Golden personally guides every journey as if it were his own. He is by far the most hands-on agency owner you will encounter. Please visit the About page to discover our wonderful team.

Become a Maryland Surrogate Mother

Why become a Surrogate with Golden Surrogacy?

  • Compensation is held in a safe & secure third-party escrow account
  • We do NOT issue a 1099 to our surrogates
  • 5 star reviews from satisfied surrogates and intended parents
  • Quality matches in a timely manner, while upholding your values and beliefs
  • Experienced team of support coordinators to provide 24/7 assistance
  • Hands-on Program Director who is a former Intended Parent
  • BBB Accredited business that cares about its reputation and obligations

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Maryland Surrogacy: Becoming a Parent

The decision choose gestational surrogacy to build your family can be extremely overwhelming. No one knows this better than our Program Director, Frank who has experienced three of his own journeys. Having his guidance and support at your fingertips is absolutely priceless. Here at Golden Surrogacy we do everything we can to help demystify the process of surrogacy and to make our journey as smooth as possible. Frank focuses on quality matches with surrogate mothers who not only meet all of physical and medical qualifications but also someone with whom will be mesh well with your personality.

Golden Surrogacy is proud to be member of the third party reproduction community, offering Maryland Surrogacy matching services to all intended parents and surrogates in Baltimore and other location within Maryland. We look forward to connecting with you and being a positive influence on this very special time in your life.

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Maryland Surrogacy Program Benefits

Our Maryland surrogacy program is the number one choice for intended parents and surrogates. For starters, the agencies founders were previously intended parents. They treat everyone who encounters them with the utmost of respect and understanding. Most other reputable agencies are run by doctors and attorney who aren’t adept with the unique people skills needed to provide quality customer-oriented service. In addition the entire team is comprised of former surrogates and egg donors who have been through multiple surrogacy journeys of their own over the years. Overall, you will be very satisfied to have Golden Surrogacy as your friend and advocate.

Maryland Surrogacy Laws

Fortunately, Gestational Surrogacy is permitted in Maryland because there is a very important court ruling from 2003, which granted approval. This created a case law precedent. To take advantage of the laws and protections of Maryland, only the surrogate must live in Maryland and give birth in Maryland. The location or residency of the intended parents does not impact the outcome. This allows for many intended parents who reside in non-friendly states to match with a Maryland surrogate to fulfill their surrogacy journey.

Compensation for Maryland Surrogate Mothers

Average Inexperienced Surrogate: $28,000 – $30,000 base

Average Experienced Surrogate:    $30,000 – $35,000+ base

We provide our Surrogates the best compensation available, based on their prior success & experience. Intended Parents pay the Surrogate’s legal fees, medical bills, mileage to and from doctors/lab appointments, childcare for doctor/ lab appointments, lost wages, airfare, hotel accommodations, and a meal allowance for out of town travel for Surrogate and their companion and other expenses as detailed in your agreement.

**A Surrogate’s compensation will also depend on whether she carries a medical insurance policy that does NOT have a surrogacy exclusion.

Requirements for Becoming a Maryland Surrogate Mother

Thank you for your compassion and kindness in considering to begin a journey with Golden Surrogacy! Striving to provide an amazing experience for the best possible outcome, we hold ourselves to a meticulously stringent degree of requirements when screening our surrogate candidates.

Carefully review our criteria below to see if you have what it takes to become a Golden Surrogate!

  • Be between the ages of 21-39
  • Healthy Weight – BMI no greater than 32 « BMI Calculator »
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Must pass criminal background check
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be financially secure
  • Please click here to read our complete list of Surrogacy Requirements
The Process Overview for Becoming a Maryland Surrogate

Frank and his team have outlined the process by compiling a simple and easy-to-follow guide. Their goal is to make your experience as stress-free as possible while you embark on this journey and give the incredible gift of life. You can review the complete outline here: Surrogate Process Overview

Visit the FAQ page for answers to questions you may have or CONTACT US to receive additional info!