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CampOut is an overnight camp for LGBT families, hosted by the Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camp located in Decatur, Michigan. CampOut experienced its third year of family fun August 17th-20th. Frank and Adam Golden, founders of Golden Surrogacy, took their children to CampOut for a their second year and came back with plenty of stories to share! In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and Adam discuss camp activities, meeting other gay families, and their children’s perspectives of this amazing family building event.

Golden Gossip

Surrogates take on a huge responsibility when entering a Surrogacy Journey. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank discusses Surrogates role in the process and how they can include their Intended Parents throughout the entire journey. He shares ideas that Surrogates can use to help reassure their Intended Parents and also shares personal stories about his own surrogates.

Golden Gossip

Pregnancy is complex, and it can be stressful for Intended Parents to process it all. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank discusses pregnancy and what to expect when a surrogate is expecting. He uses his own experience as a surrogacy agency own to address each trimester, possible complications, and important milestones throughout a typical pregnancy.

Men Having Babies is a nonprofit organization providing support, information, and financial assistance for current and prospective gay Intended Parents. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and his Executive Assistant, Juan share their experience at the 2018 Men Having Babies Chicago Conference. They talk about what Men Having Babies does for perspective Intended Parents, what the program means to the gay community, and what it means to them personally.

Surrogacy is an intricate process with many moving parts. There are many pieces  of information to gather and new concepts to understand. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank provides a general overview of Surrogacy and what the average journey entails. Frank and his Executive Assistant, Juan discuss the role of an agency, IVF, and the average length and costs associated with Surrogacy.

Aside from the regular challenges of parenthood, gay parents are required to make a choice regarding the use of their last names. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank discusses last names and how they factor into same-sex relationships. Frank invites his husband, Adam and his Executive Assistant, Juan to share their personal perspectives as gay men. They talk about the current political climate, discuss potential options for gay parents, and offer advice on managing this conversation.

GayParentsToBe is an organization dedicated to providing education and resources for prospective gay and trans parents. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and his Executive Assistant, Juan discuss their recent experience at the GayParentsToBe Conference held on November 4th, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. They detail key moments, pay attribute to contributors and participants, and share their overall takeaways as gay men.

Experienced Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Angie Beltsos pays Golden Surrogacy a visit to discuss her role in family building. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Dr. Beltsos details the day-to-day of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. She discusses the process of making embryos, diagnostic tests for fertility, fertility preservation options, and shares her most memorable moments as a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Path2Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides leading-edge education and resources for infertility prevention, reproductive health, and family building. Frank Golden has been on the Board of Directors for over two years, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the organization. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and Golden Surrogacy’s Communication Director, Erika discuss the latest Path2Parenthood Illuminations Fundraising Gala, the guests in attendance, and the fun they had!

Many surrogacy agencies lack basic customer service skills and focus on quantity rather than quality. In this episode of Golden Gossip, Frank and his Executive Assistant, Juan discuss customer service and what it means to Golden Surrogacy. They share stories of working in retail, discuss Golden Surrogacy’s client-centric focus, and detail the importance of providing high quality service to Intended Parents and Surrogates.